Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Short post

Recently a chain of unhappy events have been iphone5 data lost after sync, the assignments, the upcoming exams and also some bad news i received from my baby :O Well, both babies la (not to mention who) :P i was shocked at first and it aches my heart but what can I do about it? I had a thought about it and the only things I can do are to listen and comfort the other party. I should be happy that I'm the one doing the consoling rather than being consoled. Impermanence also teaches me to not only cherish something but also to look forward and not to dwell too long on something lost or obtained...Although it may sound really an unhappy thing, I am still happy I get to figure out what i want. Okay. Cont with my assignments :'(

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello FEB

It has been so many months i haven't blog anything about me!
I feel super guilty :(
I haven't really had the time.
Excuses excuses excuses..Heh.
Well, it was all because of the Finals stuffs etc.
Helllo guys :)
I know you readers would miss me so much hahaha
Good News is Finals was over!
and i'm super free that i wanted to write something since i have time and energy!
Luckily my lappie was fixed! =P
I was sick these few days and i swear its the first time i had vomited four times a day :(
the feeling was just very bad and I wanna cry :'(
First, i had spaghetti at Taylor's food court (cheapest food you get)
then i had Teh O Ice Limau #Bad #Timing
I wouldn't know and i can't remember why ?! and it just happened
The worst part is i havent study for my finals and yet i fall sick
I was thinking to give an MC for the last test of the day but in the end i din't
knowing that this will lower down my grades so i refused to do so #Smart

I have promised myself that i will dye my hair after Finals and yes i did! #CNY
 Finally HAHA.
The results was not bad but i prefer the color to be more obvious!
Pictures are not yet taken.
Will show you guys my latest hair soon!
And speaking of hair dye.I have a mainstream curiosity.I realized that everyone and even my college friends are all dying their hair red! lol is this the trend now? I'm intrigued :3
Time to Din din :B Bubye ~ ^^

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Assignment 2 =)

“Why We Travel” is by Pico Iyer. He describes his traveling life in this article. For this
reflection, I will discuss Pico Iyer’s views and give my opinions.
Firstly, Pico Iyer is an adventurous person. He said “ Nothing here is the way it is at home”. He
wants to be stress-free. Also, traveling is a part of learning and adapting to other cultures.
Theoretically, traveling embrace us from the abstraction of life and rescuing humanity. For
example, technology was well developed over the years. So, the society is so obsessed with
complex gadgets forms a barrier between humanity and modern technology.
He also said “challenges of travel with tenderness dream”. For instance, an enthusiastic
photographer has a goal. His whole life is to capture the moments perfectly. Therefore, he
travels around the world for the perfect phenomenon of nature which create a passion of doing
something extraordinary. For example, a person take vacation to pamper themselves and feel
the taste of freedom. Hence, traveling helps to widen a person’s view and create an opportunity
to connect our inner self when we are far from home.
The most exciting point is, the law of attraction create genders to fall in love. I strongly agree
with Pico Iyer that that love affair and traveling are alike. The longer a person nurture it, the
stronger and wiser he grows. The value of Pico Iyer’s experience of love can be a sophisticated
word to be elaborate in a journey beyond measure just like a country with limitless route yet to
be explored. Love enable a person to feel wonderful just like traveling a foreign country causes
a person to feel excited. Hence, “ travel itself is changing as the world does”. For instance, as
the earth aged with a blink of an eye time travels swiftly. There is an old saying, time tide wait
for no man create an understanding that every second is a privilege investment of life.
In conclusion, traveling is not as basic as a blank paper. Hence, a part of norm view travel as
vacation whereby the others perceive it as the journey of life. In reality, traveling is like
inception that enable us to create a route to achieve success. Our journey will not fail to surprise
us! Traveling can be broken down into love affair, vacation, dreams and the journey of life.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

A happy one

Today as u guys know im just ranting for the previous post.damn!
Okay :D
Lets talk about the happy things in life.
I have so many thoughts now :S
okay move on
as what ive promised in twitter that im gonna blog soon!
Now it finally happened! I am blogging and what makes me blog? Ive no idea Lol
Went to work early in the morning.this time i only work for half day.
im so exhausted when my frens are chilling outside or perhaps chit-chatting in starbucks but me?
Look at me what am i doing?
ive no time to unwind myself and sometimes really feel so depressing like working and studying together at the same time ?
i mean like what is this man! Im a college student now and i dont want any work la please.
After that i called Karen and surprisingly shes for good.hahaha
and she waiting for me perhaps :D since shes awake and she wants to go for a movie so i suggest that we go Kl
On the way to KL was so smooth traffic was so kind to us...unlike normal days the goddamn police blocking my way.
We went to KL festival city oh god.reach there but no Titanic lol
so nice to hear that.
So we grab some sushi and went back home later.
We were laughing non stop on our way home hahah cant imagine it man.
wat kind of joke is that....we talked about stuffs which many people don't talk about or perhaps no guts to pour it out..haha glad that we are open people hehe..after that we went to see nicole the sampat gurl ..
Fei po as wat Karen said.haha and shes eating coco crunch summo FAT
We then went for a swim a quick one ahh lazy la
Then went back home eat ZAI with my fam!
Mood wasnt good enuf so dont blame me for that :P sorry
Thats my Saturday :) a simple one yay ~~

Hey man.

Its Wesak day ! im going to buy ipad 3 tomorrow.
Sometimes i really hate that when things are done and has been said ,it ended up in a different way.
Why are all these happening?
and wats makes things change was just a spoken word.
fuck la weih
Sometimes i can really have bad mood.just like just now its totally diff.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Pichas for Prom <3 <3

BYE :) TeeHee! 2011~

Monday, December 12, 2011

Prom Night

Hey guys! :)
Its been a long time since i last blog.
Spm has finally over hahaha and its time to party now!
Oh and yeah,my uncle has just arrived from NZ with his fam so i guess i might be super busy with things now :S
Always the ME who do the everything including shopping, talking ,playing, explaining and etc.
And last fri was our SSB last day ever in high school...
kinda miss the old days where we went retarded, laughing and screaming around...
acting like hooligans without care.This is me C{:
I miss my hard laugh.Its damn fun laughing contagiously.hahaahahas
Still remember when i laugh, the whole class started to crack and everybody laughs too.
Especially Shamsul taught us civics.Every movement of him, the way he talk, he eyeing on the class, he tease people,its like a familiar one.
I still remember the times where he complain about Oscar the seven Oss.
Saying that he has no expression on his face!
Oh Damn!! So true.
and he also said "you must think out of the box!"
then Oscar shoke his head and then he get scolded because he was shaking his head improperly.
Our Bio teacher, Shamsul was so typical that he would even correct someone with the wrong shaking way.
Poor Oscar..hahas
and there is also another case where he pointed out some Malaysian uncle wearing short pants walking on the streets in the morning with hand holding an old if that uncle just came out from the toilet ...hahahahhas
he really has got a good imagination. The teachers in my sch were really awesome!!
must salute them heh.

Last week was so packed that i almost went out everyday.
I mean morning, afternoon and even night.
Wat for?!
Well i know and its for Prom.
Wat else.
Was supposed to go out on Tuesday with SY but then he has sth to do with his grandpa so we went out on Wed.
And actually on Wed i have an outing with Selina they all,but i couldn't make it after that.
So i have to cancel off either one.
He bought his suit a week earlier from Roul, Pavilion for about 200 bucks.
And last week we went to collect back the vest from Tux and Blazer,One Utama for 300 bucks.
Moneyy monayy gone!
I feel so frust after looking at his vest u know.Its like no difference at all compared to vest im wearing in school.i mean the librarian vest.oh gosh.
its just the one he ordered has got a bit shiny.damn,he really has no sense of fashion and no taste summore.
i keep pouring bad comments on him with the vest.shit!
and its not nice!!!
come on! you have money, why dont you buy a nicer one?
I mean  get a different colour vest but not grey!
HAhahha keep zat him until he beh song!
After he paid the money then we ciao~
And then i feel so hungry.
I only had my milo for breakfast and SY already ate earlier.
So i told him that i wanna go sushi KING!!
and he was like saying "Sushi KING pin dou hai yan sik geh"
He asked me to go for sushi zanmai instead.and i dont insist to because i will just stick on the KING.
Haha dont try to change my wont happen unless u giv me a treat then i wouldn't mind. =)
We walk walk walk and walk and we couldn't find Sushi KING!!
Lool then we ask the guard.
oh my gosh.
i feel like im worst than a non malaysian.its my first time to do the asking!
hahahhaa in OU shame la.
because of the renovation shit every restaurants have shifted to the new area.
ARhhhh... and finally we found sushi KING!!
I asked SY if he want some, i dont mind to belanja him.hahah
cause he belanja me all the times.Even Ah Yat Bao Yu (Abalone) also he says he is going to belanja me but not now la.wait till the time comes.shhhhhh.
Sy is so lazy to walk sometimes.He even walk with his slippers dragging...omg
such an A Pek! Pretty gross.
hahahs i had to hold his hand to make him wonder he gain weight alot within few months.
After Sushi, we went walk walk.
went topshop,miss selfridge and kitschen to look for any nice dress but they were not nice.
This season was sucks. I just bought a blouse from kitschen.and its 50 bucks with discount.
After that it seems we gonna make a move bcause SY wanted to go swimming with his gf Sharry. he can be excused.
Before that i told him that i want chat time.Always a must when i go out.
So he bought for me the pearl milk tea and we leave.
He cant find his car in the parking lot.wth...
so poor memory then i asked him to go up stairs and so we found his black nigger right in the middle.
Thank god i was smart.i hav good memory.hahahha being so vain la.haha
then he drove me back home! sweet. my zi muii.hahaha.home sweet home.
Tired and leg got bruises after walking whole day.pheewww!~

SY and me :)
The end.

Last Thursday,
went out after the last paper EST with Lichen.
well it was so easy that Robot came out for the essay part.
We did it before and so i feel its easy.i even told my mum that it was so easy.
I always get an A for EST.hahahas.
but during paper two where the objective part,i started to feel pain in my stomach.
damn and my paper was half way done.
keep touching my stomach.shit.its like worst than having a period.
then i sleep for awhile bcause theres no point continue doing.
it might end up having all the answers wrong.
mind stucked.
after awhile,it was okay.then i continue finishing up the answers.
After EST, i rush back home.
Called Lichen but shes always not prepared.very a snail.
In the car,i wanted to get my prom dress,so i tell her i wanted to go Pav,but she wants to go Curve.
 bcause her mum doesnt like her to go KL...its too far.
So in the end we went KL to Pav,Lot 10 and Farrenheit.
Lichen told her mum n shes okay with it.
I hate to go KL sometimes bcause theres always traffic congestion around.
But luckily we arrived quite fast without much jam.
First place, car stop at Pavilion, so we get down.
Went to look for my prom dress...theres so few in Pav but alot of make up shops.
I wanted to get some make up materials at Sephora.They sold those with offers.omg i want!!
Then we walk down the street to Fahrenheit 88, my fav place.
went to second floor n i got myself a dress from Ola.
70 bucks.its a casual dress.and its very nice so i bought it.
after that we went to Eclipse, Lot 10 to look for dress but theres non that i like :S
even with the discount of 30% but those dress just ain't my style.
not elegant enough...after that we went back to Pavilion.
Went to Merry Marry,MM again.Tried two long dress.
One in red and one in Brown.So I bought the brown one.
Lichen said i look nice in it too.
Its so nice !!! Its 300 bucks. and later on we went to The Loaf to get some bread.
i love the bread there.Theyre so yummy!!
After that we went Sungai Wang bcause Lichen wanted to get a dress for the second round after Prom at Giza.
This is my fifth time been to Sg. Wang.
Hahaha i can even count.
I dont like the place.I dont know why.But the dress is really 20 bucks?
HAha no wonder ang mo also go there.Can save alot.
Luckily now the has got better fashion sense.Standard was higher up.
Last time when i went, the dresses were really an eye sore.omg.they burn my eyes.
I dont even wanna look at them.
Now it was okay! At least can glance through.HAHHA.
Went over quite alot of shops.And she finally get herself a short skirt with 20 bucks only.
After that we took monorail and went back home.
Another tiring day but fruitful :D

Now...Its Prom Night <3
Last friday, i woke up at 7am in the morning.
Watching movies and get myself ready bcause i need to go out.
And then we went to fetch my NZ cousins to my hse.
My aunt need to go to the morning market to get some durian.
They cant find durian in NZ.Theres only strawberries and kiwi there.
About 12pm my driver arrived at my hse and fetch me to the salon.
I need to get my hair done.
went to Kepong for setting and its 250 bucks in total.
Dad sponsored me :) bcause ive no more money left after i used up the 300 bucks for the dress.
See? so many stuffs involving money when theres a function.
Like our school HA (prize giving day) i spent thousands for dress, heel...and all the stuffs.
Each time, thousand gone.
So now for prom i used 550 bucks just for my prom dress and hair styling.
but its still expensive conserved.
It took 3 hours for hair colour,treatment and curling the hair.
Lol.My hair was done at 4 sharp.
Then, Lichen called.Thought she wants me to join her n Syen to Bobbi Brown for make up.
We girls love to be pretty.Haha.Then i asked her where is she and she said shes coming to Trendz too.
So i stayed for awhile waiting for them to arrived.Haha
wat a coincidence.My four little babies arrived at the same place.
After meeting them then we chat for awhile and i hav to ciao bcause the Prom starts at 6.30 sharp.
So i called my driver to pick me.
Reach home right after, SY called asking me wat am i doing.
So i told him im bathing.and he said i was fast.hahahaha of course la.
So im one hour ready before SY come and pick me.
Im the first girl who ready.HAhaha waited him outside of my hse bcause i don't want him to park his car inside n wait.
So everything's done n we move to Lichen hse to fetch her.
She keep saying she ready when i called but yet she hasn't shown up.
drawing her eyeliner.always the moh jie.SY keep asking me to rush her...
Then when shes ready Sy keep zat her n she keep zat Sy.
They are like married couple.lolhahaha.
She said that Sy's vest makes him look like a waiter in a restaurant.
After that we meet KS at Sierramas bcause he dont know the way.
So he followed us behind.
When the moment we almost reach there,KS called Lichen and asked where are we.
n he said he's at One World Hotel,One Utama,PJ.
How could he followed us at the back and went to the wrong place?!
People all were going to Grand Millenium Hotel KL u know?!
Hahahha everybodys laughing.
SY told him to go there one!
Crazy lah.I asked him why were u asking him to go One World.
He said "Ta mei you de jiu liao"
HAhahhah omg.
In the end,
KS arrived at 10pm when the thing almost end.HAHAH
Poor little him.Cant u check your FB event?? stupid!!
Its stated on there CLEAR enough.the Venue...Sigh.Cant help either.
Prom was nice !!Many people dress up!
They look beautiful and handsome!!

We played poker XD
More pic will be up next!
Stay tuned X)
Mwah :)*